Duncan James

Duncan James

Everyone is aware that Ms. Katie Holmes and Mr. Cruise divorced due to his out of this world Scientology ways, but there is something that some people does not know is that Holmes is quickly getting it on by registering on Wealthy Men. Ms. Katie Holmes is a Hollywood star and is use to talking to dudes that have a lot of money. There is no other place to talk to men who are rich and can spoil of the recently single Ms. Holmes. There are some people who might think Ms. Holmes is moving fast in meeting new guys, but she had arranged this divorce for months now. It was told she had a pre-paid cell phone that a friend got for her so she can speak with lawyers without Tom Cruise figuring it.

The divorce has been wrapped up fast because the Scientologist community didn’t desire the attention on their religion. Of course they did not desire any added attention as they want to remain being this mind altering religion. Cruise already choose his next wife and Holmes will move forward with her search via Wealthy Men. Everyone is happy for her to be out there dating and talking with dudes whom she will have a great life with. Don’t be bewildered if you see a good looking brunette by the name of Ms. Katie on the Wealthy Men.

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