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HULK HOGAN & Heather Clem adult sex tape recently caused a stir on the web a week ago and it has accomplished a lot of amazement. Heather Clem was the spouse of TODD ALAN CLEM who is a famous radio comedian who’s teamed up with Howard Stern. At the time TODD ALAN CLEM & Heather Clem got married, HULK HOGAN was the grooms man. On the adult sex tape it certainly demonstrates how HULK HOGAN banged Heather Clem in her & TODD ALAN CLEM’s chamber. This detail alone drives many of the public to buy that HULK HOGAN & TODD ALAN CLEM were swapping Heather Clem who happened to be HULK HOGAN’s ex wife, Linda Hogan’s BFF. Heather Clem was always known to be a really hot lady that dug posting mind blowing snap shots of herself & embedding them on the world wide web. Now we learn that Heather Cole was moreover, a sex fiend that adored being pounded by HULK HOGAN and being photographed while getting roughed up.

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